Tuesday, March 2, 2010

without a cake

to my only sister!

happy birthday, sis !

you are 17th now
yayyyyyy !

*I've wished you on the phone, Facebook, new entry of the month.
I've send you the 'present', together with a sweet birthday card
I'll text you tomorrow.
I'll tweet you in the evening.
I'll post a comment on myspace (if you insist)

now tell me,
am I a good sister or a SUPER COOL SISTER in the world ?

*I just can't tell you face to face.


chadacassiopeia said...

iyelah iyelaahh !
anda memang super duper cool sister in the world laahhhh :))

mekcihhh !

nabilahidayah said...

thanks yawww !