Monday, May 4, 2009


Three things that I love;

1. k-pop
2. online
3. you..

Three people who make me laugh;

1. nik aqilah
2. saiyidah
3. taiko.. biler dier mention dier tomok

Three things I hate;

1. msg from Maxis
2. bau busuk
3. yahudi=israel go to hell!

Three things I don't understand;

1. k-pop songs
2. how to become rich
3. teenagers nowadays

Three things I'm doing right now;

1. msg ngan nik, rai, jerin, zuhri
2. facebook
3. ym ngan rai

Three things I want to do before I die;

1. get a bungalow house for my parents
2. having a family
3. perform the Hajj

Three things I can do;

1. sing
2. cook
3. sleep like there is no tomorrow

Three things I can't do;

1. go back into the pastime
2. finish reading book in one day
3. dancing??

Three ways to describe my personality;

1. happy go lucky
2. simple
3. rajin gak ler..

Three people to tag;

1. nik aqilah
2. nadhirah ramlan
3. raihana


nisa' said...

kenapa lawak? saya suka dia lah! $$$

nabilahidayah said...

ko suker duet dier sebenarnyer!! haha!

there.she.goes said...

nak ske tomok gak la..
tomok i luv u laa..!!

nabilahidayah said...